Qnary executive social media management solutions

Qnary is a technology-powered business that believes in the importance of training and guiding its clients to ensure successful results. We have assembled an industry leading team of experts in social media, search engine optimisation, content creation, audience growth, engagement and digital marketing to build the strategies and execute for every client.  


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Qnary's Solutions


Qnary’s Editorial Department is made up of a 100+ Q-network of writers/photographers/videographers who create strategic social content, edited by an in-house team of Qnary Editors, and distributed across social platforms and blogs to a targeted audience.


Growth & Optimisation (GO)

Qnary’s GO Department is made up of a team who optimise & create social media profiles and websites, create strategies for growing our client’s digital footprint, and utilise paid social strategies, to achieve established goals.



Customised training sessions for teams of all sizes. Our training programs incorporate social media and digital marketing best practices into your organisation's social media guidelines. We will work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive training program that will allow your team to build their digital footprint to extol their expertise while lifting the overall presence of the organisation. We deliver training for:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Corporate Communications
  • PR
  • Marketing Teams
  • Everyone

How We Measure Success

Measurement for our full-range of solutions is customised depending on the array of solutions. In general, our solutions team agrees to precise deliverables in the following areas: 

  • Audience growth

  • Expansion of reach

  • Increase in engagement

  • Strengthened connections with key influencers

  • Identification and analysis of important trends

  • Ownership of search results

  • Positive shift in sentiment

  • Event Amplification


Qnary Delivers Exceptional Results: