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Creating Quality Advocacy Content at Scale

At Qnary we realised that workforce advocacy requires more than a technology platform to help an enterprise and its executives and employees manage, publish, integrate and optimise. The life-blood of advocacy is content.

Qnary set out to build a content engine to sit alongside the Qnary tech platform that would generate high volumes of quality, flawless multimedia content customised to the passions and voice of each of our executives. After many trials, we successfully built the Q-Network and its sister video focused production group, Q-Studio. We are now rapidly scaling our content production. 

Qnary produced over 50,000 pieces of social multimedia content in 2017. We are on track to quadruple that with 200,000 pieces of content in 2018.
— Mary Snauffer, President U.S. and creator of the Q-Network

The Q-Network

Qnary's Q-Network has over 400-content creators who create multimedia content from tweets to blogs to infographics and videos. The Q-Network content is multilingual and specialises in diverse topics from beauty to maritime law to AI.

The Q-Studio

As the world shifted towards video, Qnary trained and cultivated a crowd-sourced team of video producers and editors to create professional video content. We now generate professional videos for our executive clients and enterprise brands every day.